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Girls Crushing It Startup Accelerator


Our Startup Accelerator is a free, virtual entrepreneurship program designed to increase confidence, leadership skills and financial acumen in girls ages 10 – 14. This entry-level program is ideal for girls in the early stages of starting a business or who would like to get one kickstarted. Selected participants will be awarded seed funding to invest in their startup and will be paired with a business coach to help them along the way. 

Applications must be received by October 1.

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Girls Crushing It Startup Accelerator 

Program Outline 

October 10: Part 1 - Identifying an Idea & Fundamentals of Product Development

Class Meets Virtually via Zoom from 10:00 - 11:30 AM (PDT)

  • Identify an idea for a product or service based on your passion or a market need

  • Define your target customer

  • Brainstorm products for customer avatars

  • Benchmark product and services

  • Identify processes and tools that will help you scale

  • Calculate cost, price and margin to ensure profitably

October 11 - 30: Part 2 - Business Plan Development & Prototyping 

You will work independently (and with the support of your coach) to:

  • Identify your product/service

  • Draft and submit your business plan

    • Receive $100 startup capital following the submission of your business plan

  • Use your startup capital to purchase supplies

  • Develop your product prototype(s)


October 31: Part 3 - Developing Your Sales Pitch & Bringing Your Product to Market

Class Meets Virtually via Zoom from 10:00 - 11:30 AM (PDT)

  • Share your product prototype with the class

  • Develop a marketing strategy and sales pitch

  • Learn the principles of

    • Branding and merchandising

    • Price elasticity and sales 

    • Responding to market feedback

  • Explore sales channels i.e., pop-up shops, brick and mortar retail and online sales

  • Receive $25 stipend upon completion of accelerator


10 - 14




Application Deadline:

October 1, 2020

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