Girls Crushing It is a nonprofit on a mission to empower girls to flex their leadership muscles through entrepreneurship and increase the pipeline of female business leaders.



After starting an origami business at their school and quickly saturating the market, Christophe and Sophie Davis pitched their mother, Roxanne, on the idea of taking them and their "business partners" to sell their products at a local farmers market. The experience was a success on many levels - it sparked an awareness in the girls that not only could their ingenuity be monetized, but entrepreneurship was empowering.

Inspired by their experience, they posted an announcement to their neighborhood’s Facebook group to see if there were other girls who had businesses or wanted to get one kickstarted. To their surprise, they received 50 responses from other parents of “girlpreneurs”. Their group was instantly bigger than the farmers market, so Roxanne mobilized resources and hosted an “Entrepreneurship 101” workshop followed by a stand-alone pop-up shop where the children could sell their products. The pop-up shop was attended by more than 400 customers. Not only was Roxanne blown away by the popularity of the event, she was struck by the confidence with which the girls pitched their products to the hundreds of customers who stopped by their tables. It was clear that they were honing their leadership skills without even realizing it. The girls' confidence soared as they counted their hard-earned money and earmarked portions to be reinvested, saved, spent and donated to various charities.

Inspired to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirits of girls, Roxanne founded the nonprofit Girls Crushing It (GCI). Since its incorporation in 2018, GCI has educated hundreds of girls in entrepreneurship and their alumni have delivered pitches and sold products to more than 10,000 customers at pop-up shops in San Francisco, Santa Clara, Lafayette and Orinda. Most recently, Girls Crushing It partnered with Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center to deliver virtual programming to girls around the world.

Girls Crushing It is a 501(c)(3), and our tax ID number is 83-1702472.



JADA, 11


J Alexandria's Bowtique

Jada grew the money from her first pop-up shop by investing in a mutual fund. She was so enthusiastic about sharing her story that she lead a module in our Financial Literacy Workshop with 100 people in attendance.



Art & Tell

Stephanie's one-of-a-kind graphic illustrations are featured on her line of shopping bags, clothing, home goods & stationery with. Stephanie was commissioned to design stickers for famed restaurant, Gram San Francisco.



Fairy Findings

Fairy Findings offers sustainable fairy house supplies and kits. Viviana's whimsical, forest brand permeated every aspect of her business, so she served as a guest speaker at our Brand Identity Workshop.


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