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Entrepreneurship 101 Live: Launching the Business of Your Dreams

JANUARY 16, 2022

Prerequisites: None

Age: 8 - 17

Please note:

Completion of this course - or - Entrepreneurship 101 is required for participation in all other programs. 

1:00 - 2:00 PM (Pacific Time)

Virtual via Zoom

Explore the exciting world of entrepreneurship and gain valuable knowledge and skills for kickstarting your own business. Guided by an experienced panel of women and girl entrepreneurs, we'll dive into:

  • Starting your own business from scratch!

  • Finding ideas and inspiration for creating and sourcing products and materials

  • Developing and testing your product concepts

  • Identifying your ideal customer and market

  • Delighting your customers (and paying attention to their feedback when you don't)

  • Checking out the competition (or "benchmarking")

  • Doing the math: calculating cost, price, and margin

  • Crafting and presenting a 30-second sales pitch

  • Designing your logo and building your brand
  • Reaching your audience through advertising
  • Identifying new and creative ways to sell your products (or "sales channels")

  • Getting all of your questions answered in a fun, interactive environment!

Tuition: $36 per child

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