5 Ways to Give Your Business a Social Distancing Makeover

Social distancing may have slowed down your business, but there's no reason why you can't pivot and give your business a social distancing makeover. Here are a few ways to get your business kickstarted from home:

  1. Create. Create. Create. Use your extra time at home to boost your inventory.

  2. Learn something new. Explore new interests that may spark a new product or service offering.

  3. Bump up your interpersonal connections. Reach out to your friends and family letting them know that you're open for business.

  4. Cater to the immediate needs of your customers. Consider offering porch drop-off or virtual services.

  5. Refresh your online presence. Whether it's your social media profile, website or simple e-mail communications. Use this time to explore product photography and storytelling. Open communication with customers will deepen your connections and help to create a fan-base that will be eager to support your business once we're able to gather again in all our pop-up shop glory.

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