After starting an origami business at their school and quickly saturating the market, Christophe and Sophie Davis pitched their mother, Roxanne, on the idea of setting up shop at a local farmers market. The experience was a success on many levels - it sparked an awareness in the girls that not only could their ingenuity be monetized, but entrepreneurship was empowering.


What struck their mother most was the confidence with which the girls pitched their products to customers. It was clear that they were honing their leadership skills without even realizing it. Their confidence soared as they counted their hard-earned money and earmarked portions to be reinvested, saved, spent and donated to World Wildlife Fund.

Inspired to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirits of other young girls, Roxanne posted the second pop-up shop on social media...and just like that, a little origami business morphed into a girlpreneur movement. Since Girls Crushing It was incorporated as a nonprofit in 2018, it has educated hundreds of girls in entrepreneurship and their alumni have delivered pitches and sold products to more than 10,000 customers.